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Dog Care – dont use bathroom shampoo

We have come across a few  occasions where we have seen dogs that get very bad skin sores and rashes. This is the result of the owners washing their dogs with bathroom shampoo.This may contain additives, perfumes and astringents that are not suitable for dog hair and skin Pet care shampoo is specially formulated for a dogs skin . It needs to be very mild or dogs with sensitive skin can easily develop rashes.

If you need advice get in touch with Sweeney Dog and ask our experts in dog walking, pet food and pet grooming.

We have walked over 25000 dogs in the last 3 years , we supply great value, high quality range of foods , and we wash hundreds of dogs a year.

If you are interested in developing a great business in pet care, have a look at our Franchise opportunities, its a great life style with the chance to build a profitable business.

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