“It's a great alternative to using boarding kennels and catteries - and it's right here in York!”

“Sweeney Dog can walk your dogs when you are away. Your dogs will love it and it means you don't have the expense of putting them into kennels!”

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NEW!!! Sweeney Dog – private walking field

Sweeney Dog now have our own dog walking field. Located just north of Wigginton, this field has been securely fenced and is protected by double gates, so that when we are loading and unloading dogs from our specially equipped vans , dogs cant run off.

Our dogs can now run and play safely and  is absolutely no where near any roads or traffic. We also use the field to assess new dogs as they bond into the group of other dogs, as well as enabling us to undertake work with dogs with behavioural problems.

The field may also be of interest to dog trainers in York, looking for a safe environment to work with their clients & dogs

Safe walking area

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  1. lynn Bramley says:

    can i rent a fild once a month /week to safely walk my labrador cross safely off the lead?


  2. bernard says:

    Hi thanks for your enquiry. sorry , due to both operational logistics and insurance issues the field is only available to Sweeney Dog staff.

    More than happy to have a chat about how to give your Lab somegood off lead exercise.

    Sweeney Dog

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